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Duk de Reshiliet monumentDedicated to Armand Emmanuel de Septimania Sofia de Vinero du Plessis, Duc de Richelieu. It is a bronze statue of Richelieu and three brass high relief, symbolizing the agriculture, trade and justice.

Duc de Richelieu (1766-1822) was born in France, in one of the most well-known aristocratic families throughout Europe (all heard about Cardinal, known for “the Three musketeers”). When was the French Revolution, de Richelieu, staying true to the monarchy, emigrated to Russia, where he entered the service. He took part in the storming of Izmail in 1790, for which he received the order and the name of the sword. In 1803, Richelieu was the mayor of Odessa, and in 1805 – the governor-general of all the Novorossiysk Territory. De Richelieu achieved temporary relief of taxes on residents of Odessa. When it rapidly increased trading activity in the port of Odessa. Among the initiatives of de Richelieu – the promotion of trade, population growth, improvement of agriculture, development of industry, development of education, science and culture. After the defeat of Napoleon (1814) and the restoration of the power of the Bourbon Duke returned to Paris and became Foreign Minister and Prime Minister of France there. Odessans did not want to let him go. He died at age 56 in Paris, to the great sorrow of Odessa residents. His contribution to the development of the city can not be overstated.

One of the oldest monuments of Odessa. Was established in 1827 (according to other sources, in 1826 or in 1828), the Odessans call it simply “Duke”. Duke In French and in English it means Duke. Sculptures and high reliefs cast in bronze in St. Petersburg. Pedestal outstanding Petersburg architect and architect F.K.Boffo A.I.Melnikov. Sculptor – I.P.Martos. De Richelieu on the monument created in  bit more than natural growth. On the monument you can see traces of bullets, as well as in the core of the pedestal. In Soviet times, there were plans to put instead of Duke the  monument to Kotovsky. Fortunately, this did not happened.

As you know, Odessans have a particular sense of humor. They did not spared this monument, of course. Known to everyone Odessans saying “Look at Duke from the second hatch” may puzzle unspoiled citizens if they still stand up to the specified hatch, but nowadays most of the tourists and tourists immediately begin to giggle without further explanations.


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