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Dear friends!
Odessa tourist information centre was created with love and care about guests of our city in order to make your stay in Odesa comfortable and interesting.

We will be glad to provide you with information about sights, Odesa infrastructure, cultural and recreational facilities, hotel and recreational base of our city, events and festivals, and many other. Provide you with a free map of our city and other information materials.

Tourist information centre is a municipal utility company and provides services for guided tours accompanied by guides who have quality certificate and official certificate corresponding to the specimen. Lots of new tour routes are annually developed by the specialists of our center. An exclusive product of the tourist information centre is a tour of the City Hall building.

It should be noted that this portal will be a necessary communication tool for professionals in the hospitality industry, tourism and entertainment

The structure of Odessa tourist information centre provides existence of head administrative office and a number of branches, receptions on direct service of tourists at a rack.

Administrative Office of Odessa tourist information centre is located at: Evreyskaya St, 4A (the entrance from the side of Devolanovskiy descent)

Besides, in the main office at the: Yevreyska str. 4a, there is a rest room for tourists. Here you can take a break from the summer heat, charge your phone, get all important information about the city, book a tour, use free Wi-Fi, get a souvenir from Odesa and, finally, pet the office cat.

Branch of TIC on Primorsky Boulevard is located in the building of the Funicular

Branch TIC on Starosennaya Square in the premises of the bus station “Starosinna”

The main objective of our Centre is information support and coordination of the tourism industry in the city, because it is very important for us that you have the best impression gained from our friendly and sunny city.

The team of Odessa tourist information centre wishes you to have a good rest!!!