Odessa as many believe – the second of the most attractive destination of nudist rest on the Black Sea coast in Ukraine after Koktebel. Here, even at public beaches about a third part of women sunbathing topless with men and even just alone, though, in the resort town of topless sunbathing is natural and is not something strange. But since we are talking about the nudist beaches, we try to talk about the most popular holiday destinations. It should be noted that in Odessa there is a strong nudist community that monitors the maintenance of cleanliness and order on the beach.


The most naturist beach in Odessa is located almost in the center of the city, between the resort areas of the Dolphin and Arcadia: a 15-minute tram ride from the train station (tram №5, stop “sanatorium Chkalov” the French Boulevard) and from there down to the sea through the park. Going down to the coastal road and asphalt, beating the right fenced area beach sanatorium. Chkalov (entrance to this beach for unauthorized charges apply), go to the seaside to the path leading down from the cliff.

The beach is width of 20-30 meters, it mainly covered with pebbles (in size, on average, a pigeon’s egg, and not very smooth), but there is an island in the middle of the sand. In fine weather, at the beach, even on weekdays there are a few hundred people, but at the weekend – more than a thousand. In general if you like to sunbathe without clothes this place really for you. But, as noted, unfortunately there is no so much place to have a rest, and on weekends it is simply not enough.


Nearly there is also a wild beach, so-called “Laguna”. The lagoon is not an official nudist beach. Beach can be called good and bad. It`s bad because of the size, the beach is very small, there is practically no sand, too. This beach is good, above all, about its atmosphere.

A state of complete freedom on this beach there is a very strong and you start to get really enjoy the fact that you’re here. Secondly, there remain those little pieces of wildlife that are not found anywhere else in Odessa. Beautiful cliffs, where you can soak up the sun, stunning ocean bottom with very beautiful stones, but be careful! When strong waves of the sea, you can easily hit on these stones and rocks. By the way, after the beach, you can go to the beach sanatorium Chkalov and take fresh showe. At home you will be purely.

So, come to Odessa and took place under the sun. Your body will be a bronze tint. But you need only undress …